Meeting Types:

Per Florida Statute, all meetings are held in the “sunshine” and the public may attend.  All meetings are noticed at least 7 days in advance with the exception of an emergency meeting.Under Florida Statute, the following types of meetings are recognized:

1)  Regular Board of Supervisors Meeting –  At the end of each fiscal year, the Board of Supervisors’ establishes the meeting schedule for the next fiscal year.  These are the regular meetings were the Board will conduct its business.  To conduct business, a quorum of three out of five supervisors must be physically present.

2)  Special Meetings – These meetings are added “as needed” to conduct District business that cannot be deferred until the regular meeting.  To conduct business, a quorum of three out of five supervisors must be physically present.

3)  Workshops – These are informal meetings where the board may discuss any topic but cannot conduct business.  Workshops may also be held to discuss topics of interest with the community.  A quorum is not required.

Note:  You may use one of the following methods to access the meeting.  Please MUTE your phone or PC during the meeting .

  1. Conference Call number:
    Dial-In: 1-844-621-3956
    Access Code: 790 562 990 #  (New)

Join meeting in my Webex Personal Room
Meeting number (access code): 790 562 990

Join meeting

Join by phone
Tap to call in from a mobile device (attendees only)
+1-415-655-0001 US Toll
1-844-621-3956 US Toll Free
Access code: 790 562 990
Global call-in numbers  |  Toll-free calling restrictions

Join from a video conferencing system or application
You can also dial and enter your meeting number.
If you are the host, you can also enter your host PIN in your video conferencing system or application to start the meeting.

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Fiscal Year 2021

9/10/20211:00 PMRegular BOSLakeside Room
8/31/202110:00 AMWorkshopCard Room
8/13/20211:00 PMRegular BOSLakeside Room
7/9/20211:00 PMRegular BOSLakeside Room
6/29/202110:00 AMWorkshopCard Room
6/11/20211:00 PMRegular BOSLakeside Room
5/14/20211:00 PMRegular BOSLakeside Room
5/4/202110:00 AMWorkshopCard Room
4/9/20211:00 PMRegular BOSLakeside Room
3/12/20211:00 PMRegular BOSLakeside Room
3/2/202110:00 AMWorkshopCard Room
2/12/20211:00 PMRegular BOSLakeside Room
1/8/20211:00 PMRegular BOSLakeside Room
1/5/202110:00 AMWorkshopCard Room
12/11/20201:00 PMRegular BOSLakeside Room
11/13/20201:00 PMRegular BOSLakeside Room
11/9/20201:30 PMCandidate ForumTBD
11/4/202010:00 AMWorkshopVirtual Meeting
10/9/20201:00 PMRegular BOSLakeside RoomPDF | RTF

Fiscal Year 2020

9/25/20201:00 PMContinuedWebExPDF | RTF
9/11/20201:00 PMRegularWebExPDF | RTFMeeting Continued to 9-25-2020
8/14/20201:00 PMRegularWebExPDF | RTFMeeting conducted virtually via WebEx
7/10/20201:00 PMRegularWebExPDF | RTFMeeting conducted virtually via WebEx
6/26/20201:00 PMRegularWebExPDF | RTFMeeting conducted virtually via WebEx
1:00 PMRegularLakeside RoomPDF | RTFRescheduled to 6/26/2020
1:00 PMRegularWebExPDF | RTF
Revised PDF | RTF
Meeting conducted virtually via WebEx
4/10/20201:00 PMRegularLakeside RoomCancelled
3/13/20201:00 PMRegularLakeside RoomPDF | RTF
3/3/202010:00 AMWorkshopCard RoomPDF | RTF
2/14/20201:00 PMRegularLakeside RoomPDF | RTF
2/4/202010:00 AMWorkshopCard RoomPDF | RTF
1/17/20201:00 PMRegularLakeside RoomPDF | RTF
1/10/20201:00 PMRegularLakeside RoomPDF | RTFCancelled
1/6/20209:30 AMASC MeetingCard RoomPDF | RTF
12-31-2019*10:00 AMWorkshopCard RoomCancelled
12/13/20191:00 PMRegularCard RoomPDF | RTF
12/4/20193:30 pm
4:30 pm
Card Room
Lakeside Room
PDF | RTFCelebratory
12/3/201910:00 AMWorkshopCard RoomPostponed
11/8/20191:00 PMRegularLakeside RoomCancelled
11/4/201910:00 AMSpecialPDF | RTFTIME CHANGE
10/29/201910:00 AMSpecialCard RoomPDF | RTF
10/29/20198:30 AMASC WorkshopPDF | RTF
10/22/201910:30 AMWorkshopPDF | RTF
10/11/20191:00 PMRegularLakeside RoomASC PDF | RTF
10-1-2019*10:00 AMWorkshopCard RoomCancelled
9/24/201910:00 AMWorkshopCard RoomPDF | RTF
9/13/20191:00 PMRegular BOSLakeside RoomPDF | RTF
9/6/20191:00 PMWorkshopCard RoomPDF | RTF
8/28/20191:00 PMSpecialLakeside RoomPDF | RTF
8/13/20193:30 PMRegular BOSLakeside RoomPDF | RTFBudget Hearing – must be held after 5:01 pm.
8/9/20191:00 PMLakeside RoomCancelled
8/6/201910:00 AMWorkshopCard RoomPDF | RTF