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University Park Recreation District

Est. 2018; Located in Manatee County

Whats New

Jim Long has filled the recent vacant Board Seat

Getting the Information that You Want

We continue to work on more comprehensive methods to communicate with residents. New software has been installed on the web site to provide residents the capability of receiving timely information from the RD. As a government entity, we are not allowed to send you emails unless you specifically identify yourself and indicate that you want them. Therefore, you must “Opt-In” and you can do so by following these steps:

  • In the UPCC Newsletter there is a link to the RD web site. Simply click on that link.
  • You will see a Privacy Statement; you will need to agree to it
  • You will be asked to enter your email address, name, address, & phone number
  • You will get an email from the RD asking if you want to “Opt In” to receive RD Newsletters (and other emails), you will need to “Confirm” that you agree

Any communications from the RD is public information

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact the District Office in writing, via email or fax, or by phone, whichever is most convenient for you. See CONTACT US for further details on contacting the District Office.

06-25-2019 Explanation of Assessments – Chairman Wood PDF | RTF

Recent Communication

Recent Documents

Meeting Types:
Per Florida Statute, all meetings are held in the “sunshine” and the public may attend.  All meetings are noticed at least 7 days in advance with the exception of an emergency meeting.
Under Florida Statute, the following types of meetings are recognized:

1)  Regular Board of Supervisors Meeting –  At the end of each fiscal year, the Board of Supervisors’ establishes the meeting schedule for the next fiscal year.  These are the regular meetings were the Board will conduct its business.  To conduct business, a quorum of three out of five supervisors must be physically present.

2)  Special Meetings – These meetings are added “as needed” to conduct District business that cannot be deferred until the regular meeting.  To conduct business, a quorum of three out of five supervisors must be physically present.

3)  Workshops – These are informal meetings where the board may discuss any topic but cannot conduct business.  Workshops may also be held to discuss topics of interest with the community.  A quorum is not required.

On August 2, 2018 the Manatee County Commission adopted Ordinance 18-29 establishing the University Park Recreation District (“the District”), a special purpose form of local government established pursuant to and governed by Chapter 418, Florida Statutes. University Park Recreation District is entirely within the University Park Development of Regional Impact approved by Manatee County. It includes the following: a 27-hole golf course and practice facilities, a pro shop, a clubhouse with kitchen, administrative and community facilities, tennis courts, a croquet court, a fitness center, a golf cart storage facility, and associated facilities, as well as certain other facilities and several parcels of land.

District Property

A map of District-owned property can be found here: LINK

District Annual Budgets

The District will annually approve both a Series Bond debt service budget and an operations and maintenance “O&M” budget. The Series Bonds require level annual debt service and so the bond debt service budget will not vary substantially from year-to-year.

The O&M budget for the District can be found here: LINK

Assessment Notices

Assessment Hearing Notices were mailed to University Park Residents on November 14, 2018 in accordance with Florida State Statutes.  Included in notice were the following:

  • University Park RD Assessment Hearing Notice 11-13-2018 PDF | RTF
  • University Park RD Master Assessment Report 11-09-2018 PDF | RTF

District News

Letter from the Chairman

Chairman  Wood’s Letter to University Park Recreation District Residents 02-26-2019 PDF | RTF 


Temporary Injunction:
District’s Response & Judge’s Ruling

  • Transcript of Judge’s Ruling Denying Temporary Injunction  PDF | RTF
  • District’s Response to Motion for Temporary Injunction PDF | RTF
  • District’s Letter to The Judge Regarding Temporary Injunction 02-05-2019 PDF | RTF

District Management’s Response 

Now is the Time – To Tell the TRUTH!

Once again, emails are being sent with inaccuracies, accusations and falsehoods.  In a memo to the board, The District Manager addresses these allegations: Now is the Time for the TRUTH

“Better Than Bonds” Plan

The Financial Advisor’s analysis to the “Better Than Bonds” plan for  purchasing the land, amenities and recreational facilities can be found here:  Analysis of “Better Than Bonds” Plan PDF | RTF

Email Regarding Use of District Funds

The  District Manager and Financial Advisor addresses the inaccurate assertions regarding the use of District Funds.  The  District’s response can be found here: Response to Board Wasting Money PDF | RTF