Recreation District Meeting Highlights from November 13, 2020

Election News

General Manager’s Report

December 8, 2020
Election Meeting
December 11, 2020
Board Meeting

Vivian Carvalho
District Manager
John Fetsick
District Accounting

Beth Bertsch
Nancy Kopnisky
James Long
Steve Ludmerer
Karen Pagano

Welcome to the new format for the Recreation District newsletter. Our goal is to provide you with timely District updates in an easily accessible manner. Going forward, we hope to determine how we can work together with other Club entities to provide our members and residents with a unified look and feel for all our communications materials. We value your time and aim to provide you with concise information that you find useful and valuable. We welcome your input and appreciate your  feedback. Thank you.

Karen Pagano


  • The Board discussed the use of virtual meetings and continues to offer this means to residents for participation to adhere to CDC guidelines while practicing social distancing.
  • The Board approved to enter into an agreement with a CPA firm for tallying and confirmation of results for the election meeting scheduled for December 8, 2020.
  • The Election Volunteer Group updated the Board of the 2nd Mailing of the Election Material sent out on November 12, 2020, and the Candidate Forum that occurred on November 9, 2020.
  • The Board discussed the recent legislation change as it relates to material included on the District website. The Board’s consensus was to keep most of the items on the District website with the exception of payment authorizations.
  • The Board agreed invoices are to be removed from the agenda package going forward but available upon request.
  • The Board approved the implementation of the Club Mission, Vision, and Core Values statements for the District as addressed in the District workshop on
    November 4, 2020.
  • The District received proposals for Master Planning Services from Fawley Bryant and Gallo Herbert Architects. Both firms presented their proposal for consideration. Laurie Evans, along with the Strategic Planning Group, recommended awarding the Master Planning Services contract to Fawley Bryant. The Board approved the recommendation and authorized the District Chair, Laurie Evans, and District Counsel to finalize the contract negotiation.
  • Upcoming meetings for December:
    – December 8, 2020 Election Meeting 9:00 AM – Lakeside Room
    – December 11, 2020 Board of Supervisors’ Meeting 1:00 PM – Lakeside Room


There were nine candidates that submitted their names to the Recreation District Manager for inclusion on the ballot for the December 8th election of 5 Supervisors. They are as follows:

James Case Sondra Ettlinger David Murphy
Sally Dickson Nancy Kopnisky Karen Pagano
Bill DiPaolo Steve Ludmerer Ronald Simon

Members and residents who were unable to attend the virtual Recreation District Candidate Forum on Monday, November 9th may access the event’s recording by clicking here. Enter this passcode: Y9g*b4!i to view. (Fast forward to 13:30:00 in the recording when the Forum officially began.)

It was a productive Forum in which the nine candidates answered questions from University Park residents. People who attended were indeed able to get a good sense of the candidates and their different strengths and priorities. Additional questions and answers from the Forum will soon be available on the District
website for review.


Click below for the most recent General Manager’s report.

Management Report


Staff will begin contract negotiations with Fawley Bryant Architecture for Master Planning services. Once contract negotiations have been finalized, the process should take approximately 90 days.

While the Master Planning process unfolds, the Strategic Planning Group will be focusing on Action Plans developed with consultant Jack Sullivan. These Action Plans will be the roadmap used for future initiatives and direction in specific areas, including Finance, Membership, Fitness, Dining, Golf, and Racquet Sports.

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