Sally Dickson

    I consider myself assertive, confident, focused and balanced; motivated by problem solving, negotiating and shepherding responsible growth of organizations.

    I believe in maintaining a strong grasp of mission and vision, valuing input from stakeholders, focusing on meeting needs and achieving goals in a fiscally responsible way to ensure success and longevity.

    Experience/Leadership roles: television sales management, policy analysis and speech writing (State of RI Governor’s office), nonprofit management, small business ownership, advertising agency president; active participation on numerous boards; currently serve on UPCC 9 Hole LGA Board.

    The RD priorities are those required by statute, which includes oversight/management of the RD budget. A critical part of this should involve reducing costly, ongoing expenses for consultative services that can/should be contracted on an ‘as needed’ basis. As a priority, the day to day operations of the RD would be efficiently served internally with a qualified management team.

    We need to ensure a clear understanding of RD roles/ responsibilities post purchase. A critical step for the RD is to establish a collaborative relationship with the UPCAI. A review of meeting minutes of both entities suggests a somewhat competitive dynamic that is not in the best interest of our community; nor does it facilitate timely decision making, which slows down our growth potential. We need a Strategic Plan that both entities fully embrace in order for our community to move forward with a vision for enhanced services while maintaining the best of what we have and doing so in a fiscally responsible way.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Sally Dickson
    October 7, 2020

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