Nancy Kopnisky

    1. How would you describe yourself and your background?

    • Attention to detail
    • Management and supervisory
    • Decision maker
    • Implement innovative ideas
    • Independent thinker
    • Researcher

    • Ribaut Island Property Owners Association/ President/Design Review Committee Hilton Head Island, S. C.- 6 years
    • University Park Women’s Club/ 2nd Vice President/ Ways and Means Chair/ Treasurer- 6 years
    • University Park Ladies Golf Association/President/LGA Member Guest Chair/ 4 Member Tournament Chair- 4 years
    • Grosvenor Gardens Neighborhood Chair- 9 years
    • University Park Recreation District Board of Supervisors- 2 years

    2. What qualities or pertinent experience would you bring as a RD Supervisor (including involvement with the University Park Country Club or the community)?

    Pertinent experience and involvement in the Club and community is answered above.

    3. What priorities do you envision for the RD within the next 2 to 4 years?

    As part of the Club’s Vision statement reads to “exceed expectations in a modern club environment” I believe that it is vitally important to “enhance and update” the Club facilities which would not only aid in maintaining our present memberships but create opportunities for upgraded and new memberships. I also believe that “modernizing” would promote the opportunity to showcase the Club as a premiere location for special events.

    4. When planning for the current and future needs of the Recreation District, what steps do you see as necessary?

    • Create innovative ideas for membership opportunities to grow, including new categories
    • Enhance and update the Club facilities
    • Protect and promote the integrity and importance of the Club with relation to the homeowners and community
    • Potential addition of popular sports activities
    • Continued input from members and residents

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