James Case

    I am running for the UPRD board to ensure robust discussion and action for operating this unique entity. The UPRD must prudently administer the bond proceeds, minimizing administrative overhead and coordinating with UPCAI and the Country Club. UPRD resources are derived from our residents who expect the Board to exercise stewardship with every expenditure.

    Since my wife Kathy & I moved to University Park in 2014, I have been an active participant in our community, serving as neighborhood chair for Richmond Park since 2016, working hard to develop an understanding of our community and closely monitoring the turnover activities.

    During the transition, I worked for over a year with a committed and knowledgeable group to redraft governing documents for UPCAI.  As we reviewed Florida statutes governing community associations and non-profit organizations, I developed a thorough understanding of the creation, development and operation of University Park. In tracking legal challenges to the UPRD and from observing court proceedings, I learned the underpinnings of the charter authorizing the creation of the UPRD. I believe I am well-informed and knowledgeable about the role of the UPRD, its authorities and its operations

    As an attorney in practice for over 40 years, representing clients at the state and federal level, achieving solutions to complex problems and disputes, appearing before administrative, judicial and legislative authorities, I developed skills to work effectively in a public forum. I am confident I can work as a Board member to achieve consensus in pursuit of our goals for this special community.   As multiple surveys and focus groups attest, University Park residents want to preserve and enhance University Park’s unique characteristics. I share that view.

    Sally Dickson Photo