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from January 8, 2021

General Manager’s

February 2, 2021
February 12, 2021
Board Meeting

Vivian Carvalho
District Manager

Venessa Ripoll
Assistant District Manager

John Fetsick
District Accounting

Jim Case
Sally Dickson
Bill DiPaolo
Steve Ludmerer
Karen Pagano

Happy New Year! Your newly elected Board of Supervisors took the oath of office at the December 11, 2020 meeting; they are Jim Case, Steve Ludemerer, Sally Dickson, Bill DiPaolo, and Karen Pagano. The current board thanks and acknowledges the work and commitment the previous Board Supervisors put forth in their roles and hopes to build on the foundation they have created. Alongside the incumbent candidates elected to the Board, the newly elected Board Supervisors bring a mix of skills, expertise, and ideas to strengthen and enhance our community.

The Board of Supervisors has been working with Club Management to move forward on the Master Plan. They have finalized the contract with Fawley Bryant and have begun stage one of the project, including fact-finding and assessment. A Town Hall presentation will be given in April, the exact date yet to be determined.

Meeting minutes, as well as Recreation District documents, are available on the District website at universityparkrd.com.


  • Jim Case was named the Board Liaison Person to the UPCAI, Pursuant to the Mutual Cooperation Agreement.
  • The District discussed the Master Planning Services contracted with Fawley Bryant. Laurie Evans will be working with Fawley Bryant to schedule upcoming stakeholder and Stratregic Planning Group meetings. The Board agreed there must be an agressive timetable in place to stay on schedule.
  • The Board discussed the scheduling of Workshops to focus on Membership, Finances, and Capital.
  • Laurie Evans gave a detailed report of Club Operations. Golf is booming, and the December results shattered all previous records for the month and the year. Rates remain agressive with very little discounting or special offers. The full General Manager report is available below.
  • Upcoming meetings and workshops for February and March are:
    – February 2, 2021 Workshop 10:00 am – Club Room
    – February 12, 2021 Board of Supervisors’ Meeting 1:00 PM – Lakeside Room

Strategic Planning

The first fact finding and planning meeting with Fawley Bryant, the firm chosen to do the Master Plan for the Recreation District, took place on January 14th. Information  provided at that meeting in addition to resident and member surveys and focus groups, will be used to begin the development of the Master Plan. Fawley Bryant will be making a progress presentation at the February 2nd, Board of Supervisors Workshop.


Click below for the most recent General Manager’s report.

Management Report

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