July 25, 2022

The RD Board has called for a delay on the Club’s Masterplan Phase 2 to get more definitive information for UP homeowners who will ultimately decide whether a bond (and, if so, what size bond) will be pursued. In the meantime, you can stay up-to-date through the Club Weekly on the progress of Phase 1 projects, including golf course improvements, pickleball and outside dining.

During this pause, the Board is doing the following on Phase 2:
– Hiring a kitchen architect to provide a preliminary kitchen layout and equipment list. The new Executive Chef will participate as the designs get underway. Cost estimates will be refined.
– Hired a Golf Course Irrigation Architect to design a new system and estimated costs. Curtis is working with this company now.
– Hired an architect to develop renderings of different options to provide space needed for staff offices, activities/meetings and fitness/wellness. Options will include renovation of existing buildings and new construction.
– Refining plans and costs for the swap of the current pro shop and the current Varsity Club.
– Preparing fact sheets on each Phase 2 project with links to detailed backup information.
– Preparing the materials for a bond referendum that will likely take place before January.

The upcoming survey of homeowners and Club members is being developed by a small group of experienced residents (not on the Board) and will incorporate the alternative options resulting from the research described above.

Board members are interviewing three residents who have submitted their names as possible candidates for the vacant seat on the Board. A decision is expected to be made at a special Board meeting on August 30.

Neighborhood meetings on the Masterplan with a Board member have involved over 200 UP residents so far. If you missed your neighborhood meeting, you can find a link to the recording under Meeting Notes on this website. To obtain further feedback and to keep you informed, the Board will be happy to
participate in a second round of neighborhood meetings once more detailed information becomes available in the autumn.

This website will be updated as new information is developed.