A Message from UPRD Board Chairperson Sally Dickson Video Transcript

Good afternoon, I am Sally Dickson, Chairperson of the University Park Recreation District Board of Supervisors (better known as the RD Board). October 1st marked the beginning of the Country Club’s fiscal year, and we are entering our busy season, which will be full of events and activities for all to enjoy. Today I am taking a moment to share with you some of the highlights and accomplishments that have made our Club more successful than ever over the past couple of years. Tremendous credit goes to General Manager, John Fetsick, and Curtis Nickerson, Deputy General Manager, for our continuing financial success and operational growth. They have assembled and upgraded our team of outstanding managers and staff who coordinate and deliver an unprecedented number of diverse activities for us to enjoy, with a commitment to excellent service, while we are surrounded by the beautifully maintained golf course and community environment that we all cherish. Thanks for taking a look at where we are today and how we are positioned for a successful future.


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