Steve Ludmerer

    Steven L. (Steve) Ludmerer

    Seven-Year, Full Time Resident & Tennis Member, Warwick Gardens

    Current: UPRD Board Chairman

    Previous: UPRD Board Member & Treasurer; Planning/Turnover Group; Warwick Neighborhood Committee; Comcast Team

    A nearly four-year commitment in service to the University Park community in the creation and establishment of the Recreation District. My goal is to achieve our vision “to be the preeminent gathering place for members and guests to meet, socialize and enjoy lifestyle opportunities that exceed their expectations in a modern club environment that enhances our residential community’.

     My background includes leadership roles in both large and small companies while energizing teams to achieve strategic goals. Working with all stakeholders in an environment of honesty, integrity and transparency, the key RD priorities are:

    • To enhance existing facilities and install new amenities identified by residents and members that assure high quality life style opportunities now and for the future.
    • To assure the long-term vitality of the District and Club through establishment of sound fiscal and operating policies.
    • To have every resident and member view themselves as owners, proud of the Club and proud to support its role in maintaining and growing their homes’ value./p>

    The Board’s next steps are to assess and evaluate recommendations from the Club’s Strategic Planning Initiative and Master Planner, to discuss these recommendations in District Workshops and Meetings, and to develop and implement an action plan with responsibilities and milestones.
    I will bring experience, energy, and continuity to your Board.

    I seek your vote and encourage you to contact me via telephone or email to address any questions or concerns. Thank you for your consideration.

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