Sondra Ettlinger

    How would you describe yourself and your background?

     An RD Supervisor needs experience in Business, Finance, UPCAI Community, Research and Communication. Having graduated from a major University with honors, I have excelled in all these areas. During my twenty years living in University Park Country Club, I have been active in the golf association, both as a player, an organizer, and an officer of the LGA; contributed my talents to numerous diverse committees; and worked closely with many UPCAI and UPRD board members.

    What qualities or pertinent experience would you bring as an RD Supervisor?

     **As a former neighborhood chair for Wilton Crescent, I used my business background and experience to make substantive changes to the neighborhood and the UPCAI board on which I served.

    **As a former tax professional, I used my mathematical skills to review and streamline budgets and contracts to lead to better services at lower costs.

    **As a former member of the Turnover Steering Committee, I used my ability to work closely with John White and other board members to implement community needs.

    **As a Cruise Lecturer I honed my communication and computer skills to be able to share my point of view with others, sometimes with only a few bullet points rather than with pages of information

    **As an experienced researcher, I rely on my past business and community experience, but I know it is equally important to be able to find new ways of approaching the current concerns.

    What priorities do you envision for the RD within the next 2 to 4 years?

     ** Work closely with the UPCAI board to ensure continuity and co-operation

    ** Actively listen to community residents, club, and board members to consider differing views and address their needs.

    **Help grow, and improve all facets of the Country Club community

    When planning for the current and future needs of the Recreation District, the steps that I see as necessary are:

     ** Find new and better ways to accomplish our goals as situations in and around our recreation district mature.

    ** Support and employ highly qualified employees

    ** Project and improve leisure time activities and facilities for University Park Country Club residents and members

    ** Maintain, repair, add to, and operate the Country Club in the quality to which we have become accustomed and at a reasonable cost


    Sondra S. Ettlinger

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