Karen Pagano

    University Park RD Candidate Nomination Questions — Karen Pagano


    How would you describe yourself and your background?

    Full-time UPCC resident whose career focused on Communications, Business Development, Public Relations, and Marketing within a large International Law Firm as well as other Professional Service industries. I have also served on various charitable, volunteer, and non-profit boards and committees.

    What qualities or pertinent experience would you bring as an RD Supervisor (including involvement with the University Park Country Club or the community)?

    An effective Board of Supervisors requires a balance of ability, experience, and commitment. I’ve spent my career developing and implementing strategic plans and strengthening business relations through concise, effective communications and focused goals. I currently serve on the UPWC Board as Historian.

    What priorities do you envision for the RD within the next 2 to 4 years?

    Creating a balanced RD Board which represents all the members of UP. I’d like to enhance how the community is seen by potential members/ owners. Focus on our strategic plan and help the club and community by improving and developing programs to reflect the members’ preferences and both current and future needs.

    When Planning for the current and future needs of the Recreation District, what steps do you see as necessary?

    Improving the Board’s communications and processes to assist fellow Members in improved clarity of community issues. Continue to build on the foundation the Board has created to strengthen the community and stay focused on its long-term goals. Focus time and effort with the strategic planning group to ensure members feel represented.

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