David Murphy

    My wife and I have lived in University Park since April, 2019. I worked in the Footwear Industry for over 40 years, creating and building brands as a Sales and Marketing executive as well as President in both private and public companies. I have a BS in English from Boston College, an MBA in Marketing from Northeastern University and have participated in Doctoral level coursework in Business Policy at Boston University.

    I believe that critical listening and clear communications are key to the success of any organization. I have served on several national and local boards (both for- profit as well as non-profit) including the HOA Board of my previous neighborhood. I understand the importance of prioritizing oftentimes disparate objectives and establishing a clear action plan to accomplish the stated goals and then measure the outcomes. I have always utilized data to help drive decisions and evaluate the efficacy of actions so as to ensure that emotion and personal bias do not overtake sound decision making.

    In my opinion, the near term priority for the RD is to effectively manage the transition to this new community structure and establish a close working relationship with the UPCAI Board as well as every resident of University Park. This will require gaining feedback on community priorities, identifying areas of opportunity and maintaining the proper financial discipline and controls.

    Thank you for your consideration of my candidacy and for helping make University Park a truly special community.

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