Many of you have sent emails expressing your support for the RD and the acquisition of  UPCC. The RD acknowledges these wonderful letters and we are all grateful for your continued support. We hear the frustration and weariness of the residents with the Garrett litigation and Bond Validation opposition. As you are aware, the RD has, and continues to reach out to try to resolve legitimate concerns, but the opposition has merely been rehashing old issues which the majority of residents have repeatedly rejected.

The best way to stay updated is by checking the information on the new RD website ( On the Home Page you will find the most important and current information; other information will continue to be added. This is where you can also sign up to receive information directly from the RD.

On June 20, 2019 the RD faces another important milestone with a hearing on several motions before the court on the Garrett litigation and the Bond Validation. The RD would appreciate any support through attendance at this hearing. Please be aware that the court room has limited capacity. People should consider carpooling.

Location Manatee County Judicial Center, Courtroom 6E

Time 1:30 PM

The following are the most frequently asked questions of the RD and our District Manager:

  1. What is the One-time assessment of $1,000 per home and why is it necessary?
    • The UPRD is in the process of assessing each home $1,000 to pay for:
      • Litigation expenses related to the Garrett litigation and the Bond Validation.
      • UPRD operating expenses.
  2. Will there be an opportunity to speak on the one-time $1,000 assessment for District operation and maintenance?
    • There will be a public hearing on June 14, 2019 at 1:00 PM to consider any assessment inequities and to take a final vote on the assessments.
  3. What are the consequences are if a homeowner fails to pay the UPRD assessments that will be billed?
    • The assessments are being levied under the authority of Manatee County Ordinance 18-29 and Chapter 170, F.S. The statute is very clear concerning a failure to pay.
    • Although the RD would prefer a smooth payment process with each resident, the statute requires that UPRD initiate foreclosure action to recover not only the assessment but also all legal costs associated with its collection.
  4. How will the RD pay for the purchase of the club if we are unable to proceed with Bond Validation required to obtain a Bond to purchase the club?
    • The RD is going to get short term financing via a BAN (Bond Anticipation Note)
    • UPRD published its RFP to qualified institutions soliciting their interest in providing UPRD with $23,310,000 for a 2-year period. The money would be used to fund the acquisition of the country club and its associated recreational facilities and lands. UPRD will select the lender at is meeting on July 9, 2019. The transaction is tentatively scheduled to close sometime after July 23, 2019.
  5. What is the status of the Purchase and Sale Agreement?
    • We are still in the due diligence period. The agreement was extended to allow for additional due diligence on water related issues and to provide time for UPRD to complete its financing.
  6. Will the Sellers take a mortgage for the Purchase and Sale?
    • No, they have previously stated that they will not take a mortgage.
  7. How do you Opt In to receive the RD Newsletter?
    • There are links in the Transitions Newsletter, the UPCC Weekly Newsletter, and on the RD web site (
    • If you have problems trying to “Opt In” there are several possibilities as to the cause:
      • The email from MailChimp is being viewed as SPAM by your mail service provider. Please check the SPAM folder.
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Thanks to all of you who continue to support the RD!