Update on Club Operations

 The Country Club continues to operate under Governor DeSantis’ and CDC COVID-19 guidelines. Club management is exercising prudent judgement on re-opening facilities, prioritizing the health and safety of members, guests and employees. An update on current operations and what is open and closed, may be found here https://www.universitypark-fl.com/covid-19 (to the Club COVID-19  section on the website)

Board Matters – July 10, 2020 Board Meeting (held via WedEx with all members, residents and the public invited)

  • The Board had a workshop pertaining to the forecast with the Country Club Budget and District Budget leading to the Public Hearings Scheduled for August 14th, 2020.
  • Laurie Evans provided an update of the Country Club Operations and Membership Fees Updates
    • Exhibit A- Country Club Budget & Membership Dues Details.
  • District Counsel provided the update pertaining to the options of mailing an absentee ballot versus proxy and in person voting. There was an extensive cost if the District proceeded with an absentee ballot. The Board decided to keep the election the same process that was completed previously with a proxy and in person voting. The Election is scheduled for December 8, 2020 at 3:00PM at the Lakeside Room in person voting and by proxy.
  • District Counsel updated the Board on the numbers of residents with outstanding assessments. Which includes (2) residents with assessments greater than $1,000 and (1) resident with assessment of less than $20.00.
  • The Board approved to proceed with paying for the appropriate fees for securing the trademark and logo for the Country Club.
  • Ludmerer provided an update of the FY 2019 Audit Report and expected to receive a draft by next week and the Board will be considering at the August meeting.
  • District Counsel provided an overview of the Opinion Letter that was submitted to the UPCAI about the option to acquire Parcel #7. UPCAI is in receipt of that letter and the acquisition is underway and it will be finalized by the August 14, 2020 meeting for the Board consideration.
  • District Counsel provided an overview of the Opinion Letter that was submitted to UPCAI about the Sales Office. UPCAI is in receipt of that letter and the transfer is underway and it will be finalized by the August 14, 2020 meeting for the Board consideration.
  • Bertsch provided an update of the District Website usage and the timeline for the newsletter publication. In addition, she worked with Peggy Lownds to make sure that a link to the UPRD web site is included in the redesign of the UP Home page. She also recommended, and it was accepted, that no further UPRD web redesign will be done this year. Mr. Ludmerer said that if funds were needed, they could be reallocated if necessary.
  • District Counsel provided an update of the recent legislation session and statute that when into effect as it pertains to the items that are required to be included on the website. Ms. Bertsch will work with District Management in removing some of the old materials that is outdated from the website.
  • Bob Wood has tendered his resignation effective in the adjournment of the August 14, 2020 Board of Supervisors Meeting. The Board will be addressing his replacement at the September Meeting.

Upcoming Meetings Via WebEx

The August 14th, 2020 Board meeting will be conducted either remotely over WebEx or in person. The existing Executive Order has been extended through July 31st, 2020 providing the ability to have the meeting virtually.

Contact Information for District Management

Hank Fishkind, Ph.D., District Manager 407-723-5900 Fishkindh@pfm.com
Vivian Carvalho, Assistant District Manager 407-723-5900 Carvalhov@pfm.com
Amy Champagne, District Accountant 407-723-5900 champagnea@pfm.com


Upcoming Meetings Date Time Location
Regular Meeting August 14th 1:00 PM TBD

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Exhibit A- Country Club Budget & Membership Dues Details

University Park Recreation District FY 2021 Enterprise Budget Overview

The 2021 fiscal year budget is based on the following assumptions and considerations including the impact of the COVID- 19 health crisis on business operations documented through 7/7/21. The fact that there is no historical data or experience with this coronavirus other than our recent experience presented a challenge when preparing the budget and our conservative projections reflect that.

The preliminary draft of the budget submitted in May called for a surcharge in addition to 4% dues increase. We had hoped that the surcharge could be avoided and that the challenging business conditions resulting from the coronavirus crisis would have abated by now. Unfortunately, that has not been the case. Given our commitment to generate surplus funds of 5% or more per year to cover district management and other expenses, we find it necessary to move forward with a monthly surcharge per membership as outlined below.

Membership Dues

Dues increase across all categories has been budgeted with no change to the associated membership costs including the food and beverage minimum, trail fees, annual dues payment discount, and cart fees. An Operations Recovery Surcharge has been added this year to help offset the impact of COVID-19 and other potential associated financial challenges including staff retention.

  • 4% increase for all categories of membership effective January 1, 2021
  • Membership numbers reflect net loss of 10 Full Memberships
  • Operations Recovery Surcharge added monthly effective January 1, 2021
    • $50 for Full memberships
    • $35 for Tennis & Sports memberships
    • $25 for Social memberships

Golf Operations

FY 2021 budget includes an increase in cart fee revenue related to the addition of golf carts with GPS offset by less rounds of golf played by non-members. Golf merchandise sales are budgeted less due to less pro shop traffic.

  • 15% reduction in golf revenue compared to FY 2020 budget
    • 9 holes closed in June and July 2021
    • Single Rider/Single Cart restrictions
    • Golf merchandise sales down 8%

Tennis & Fitness

Revenue reduction related to reduced fitness classes and personal training sessions due to COVID-19 restrictions.

  • 25% reduction compared to FY 2020 budget

Restaurant Operations

Food and beverage revenue reduction tied to COVID-19 impact including significant loss of Banquet and Catering business. Varsity Club reduced operations to accommodate social distancing and reduced occupancy restrictions for indoor dining at The Park Grille.

  • 20% overall reduction compared to FY 2020



Golf Operations

Expenses reduced compared to FY 2020 budget with savings related to staffing for reduced golf rounds and new equipment efficiencies.

  • Reduced electricity costs – new golf carts with lithium batteries
  • Lower Cart Maintenance – new carts
  • Pro shop staff reduced hours – fewer rounds

Tennis & Fitness

These expenses reflect reduced personal training and fitness class activity

Restaurant Operations

Reduced expenses consistent with estimated restaurant volume

  • Food and beverage costs reduced by 20%
  • Reduced expenses relating to staffing and supplies consistent with reduced volume
  • Electricity savings

Golf Course Maintenance

Total golf course maintenance expenses approximate FY 2020 budget with certain increases and decreases as follows:

  • Increased fertilizer costs related to increased cart traffic on course
  • Savings in chemicals due to inventory carry over from prior year
  • Savings in water cost related to the purchase of the club
  • Equipment repair costs reduced due to acquisition of new equipment

General & Administration

FY 2020 changes in budgeted expenses related to club acquisition.

  • Necessary staff restructuring
  • Reduced bank fees – new banking relationship
  • Upgrade cost for more efficient Payroll system