Board Adopts Rules for the Country Club

Now that the District has acquired the Club, the District is required to adopt rules governing Club usage and fees.  As a governmental entity, the District adopts rules through the public hearing process.  The District made no changes to the rules previously in place.  A copy of the rules and fees is available on the website under Resolution 2020-09.

District Elects New Officers

With the accession of Jim Long to the Board, the District needed to update its slate of officers.  Bob Wood was reelected Chairman.  Steve Ludmerer was elected as First Vice Chairman and Beth Bertsch was reelected as Second Vice Chairman.  Steve Ludmerer was also reelected Treasurer, and Hank Fishkind remains as Secretary.  Jennifer Glasgow remains as Assistant Treasurer and Vivian Carvalho was elected Assistant Secretary.

District Updates the Budget for the Country Club

The Country Club was updated for statutorily required reasons.  You can find the budget on the website under Resolution 2020-10.  The monthly financial performance of the Club has so far exceeded our expectations.

Master Planning Process and Advisory Panels

Our Club Manager, Laurie Evans, will be leading the Strategy and Master Planning Group as well as the Amenities and Culture Group for the Country Club.  If you are interested in participating in one of these two groups, please submit a brief summary of your experience, interests and background to Laurie Evans, General Manager at  Please include the volunteer group you would like to be considered for in the subject line.  Once these groups are established, there will be additional opportunities to participate in focus groups.

Update on the Collection of the 1-Time Special Assessments

The District has been forced to file liens and commence the statutorily-mandated collection process for four property owners who have failed to pay their assessments.  In addition, the District has sent final collection notices to those property owners who have chosen to pay in installments, but who have failed to fully pay their obligations.  Hopefully, the District will not be forced to take collection action as required under Florida Law.

Insurance Proceeds to Offset Some Litigation Expenses

District Counsel reported some promising negotiations with our insurer concerning partial reimbursement of litigation expenses incurred with the Garrett lawsuits.  The District is confident of receiving some reimbursement of expenses.

New Golf Carts

The District is in the process of leasing a new fleet of E-Z-Go golf carts.  The new carts will feature a variety of attractive options.  We expect delivery in about 60-90 days.

Contact Information for District Management

Hank Fishkind, Ph.D., District Manager            407-723-5900

Vivian Carvalho, Assistant District Manager     407-723-5900

Jennifer Glasgow, District Accountant              407-723-5900


Upcoming Meetings

Workshop                        March 3rd                  10:00 AM            Card Room

Regular Meeting             March 13th                1:00 PM              Lakeside Room

Regular Meeting             April 10th                  1:00 PM              Lakeside Room


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