Jim Long Joins the District Board

Four candidates applied to join the District Board to replace Supervisor Michael Smith.  All of the applicants were well qualified, and the District appreciates their willingness to serve.  While the decision was difficult in light of the quality of the applicants, the Board appointed Jim Long.

Update on the Collection of the 1-Time Special Assessments

The District has collected 1,196 partial or total Assessments leaving only five (5) that have not responded and remain fully outstanding.  Despite repeated notifications, the District still has not received payments from these five homeowners.  As a result, District Counsel will begin filing suits on these four properties to enforce unpaid Assessments as required by Florida Law.

The District also allowed residents to pay their 1-time assessment in three installments along with a modest administrative charge.  Although most residents who chose to pay in installments made all their payments including the administrative charge, 48 failed to pay the administrative fee.  In addition, 12 residents only paid one or two of these installments.  Counsel will send out notification letters to inform these residents of the necessity to pay all of the installments and the administrative fees.  Hopefully, the District will not be forced to take collection action as required under Florida Law.

Update on Transfer of Club Licenses

The District is pleased to report that all of the licenses needed for club operations have been successfully transferred to the District.  This includes all operating licenses and the liquor license.  Many thanks to District Counsel and to Laurie and her team.

Budget Update

The club had a strong December.  Revenues and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (“EBITDA”) were both well above budget. The District continues to operate within its budget since this fiscal year began on October 1, 2019.

Golf Cart Operations

For everyone’s safety please remember that golf carts are not to be operated by anyone under 16 years old.  The District received numerous complaints about this in December.

Upcoming Meetings

Workshop                        February 4th             10:00 AM            Card Room

Regular Meeting             February 14th         1:00 PM              Lakeside Room


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