Over the past month the UPRD has been diligently working on the details to complete the purchase and sale and transition of the club. The “Devil is in the Details” and the details are being worked through in the “Mutual Cooperation Agreement” between the UPRD and UPCAI and the Bond Issuance and Purchase and Sale documents. We are expecting to complete the purchase and sale and issuance of Series 2019 Bonds on or before November 15th. The UPRD will then own the 27 hole golf course and practice facilities; the Pro Shop; Tennis & Fitness Center; the Restaurant & Bar facilities; Administration & Community facilities.

The next RD meeting is scheduled for October 29th at 10 AM in the Card Room where we shall discuss matters relating to the 2019 Series Bonds.

After a very long and tedious 18+ months we can see the finish line and we are prepared to celebrate with all of you. Once we have the final date confirmed you will be informed and we hope that you will join us in the Lakeside room to cheer our collective success.