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November 30, 2021, 10 AM
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December 12, 2021, 1 PM
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For those of you who did not have an opportunity to read our first issue, we welcome you to Realizing our Vision and invite you to view the inaugural issue HERE. We will regularly update the residents of our community on the decisions being made and the steps being taken to ensure that University Park remains the pre-eminent place for each of you to live and socialize. This is your community, so your involvement and input are critical to the success of University Park.


The Park Grille and Lakeside Room
The total redesign and update of the Park Grille and Lakeside Dining rooms is well underway. Painting is completed, floor installation has begun and work on additional enhancements such as improved acoustics and updated lighting is set to begin the week after Thanksgiving. A grand opening celebration is expected by mid-January. This progress is even more impressive given all of the supply chain issues we have all been experiencing in our own lives.

Click here to see photos from the The Park Grille renovations.

Contemporary vinyl plank flooring in The Lakeside and Grille rooms

Contemporary vinyl plank flooring in The Lakeside and Grille rooms

Updated and comfortable furnishings in all dining and entertainment areas

Bar Lounge

Outside Patio Dining Concept

The site survey has been completed and a contractor has been selected. The target completion date for the four new Pickleball courts is by the end of the 1st quarter of 2022.

Construction on the new, regulation size court is completed thanks to a tremendous job by Curtis Nickerson and his team. This project required exact grading, fill and drainage calculations and a new grass surface. The target date for play to begin is dependent on the weather during the upcoming winter months, warmer months will expedite the growth and health of the new grass and will support play sooner.

The expanded Café will have an upscale look and feel, with the recently planned solid roof. The outdoor experience will include improved climate and insect control.

The enlarged space will feature four different areas for our members to socialize. A highlight of the expanded Café will be a 19-seat circular bar for members and their guests to enjoy the breathtaking views at the club.

Other new dining and seating areas include the addition of high-top tables as well as soft seating and banquettes. New contemporary tables and lighter (and quieter) chairs round out the dining and socializing options for the new Café area.

Finally, everyone will be able to get together with friends at one of the several Firepits. The soft, sofa-style seating and great views will make this a perfect area to enjoy a snack or cocktail.

Construction of the enhanced Café and Firepits is not scheduled to begin until sometime after the Park Grille and Lakeside room are completed. Updates will be provided in future newsletters.


Click below for the most recent General Manager’s report.

Management Report


 Thanks to all of you who sent in questions and comments following the initial newsletter. Below are the questions (edited for brevity) as well as our response.

Question: Rumors of painting bike lanes on Park Blvd…… consider it to be an eyesore.
Response: This topic is under the auspices of the Homeowners’ Association. Please reach out to them with your comments.

Question: Status of Pickleball construction and opening date?
Response: Updated in this newsletter. The target completion date for the four new Pickleball courts is by the end of the 1st quarter of 2022. A more specific date to come.

Question: Why wasn’t the Patio expanded toward the Pro Shop? Be mindful of the audience in choosing soft seating.
Response: The expansion will provide increased seating options and capacity while protecting the amount of traditional dining seats available. Potential future plans for the current Pro Shop led to the decision to only expand toward the Lakeside Room end of the Café. All furniture was chosen with an understanding of our member demographics. While we can’t guarantee that every choice will satisfy every member, we were very sensitive to seat height, chair weight and the ease of getting up and down in our selections.

Question: The limited hours of operation are a drawback. Will they be expanded?
Response: As the enhancements are completed and amenities are reopened, our hope is to offer expanded hours to enhance our member experience.

Question: Will there be a new bike rack near the clubhouse?
Response: That is a great suggestion. This hadn’t been in the plans but we will add it. We will also replace the bike rack near the Exercise Facility as it doesn’t accommodate many types of bike wheels.

Question: Will the Café design include adequate shade and heat reduction, especially for late- day sun?
Response: Yes. That is a major functional advantage of the solid roof. We will be able to provide much improved temperature control utilizing shade screens and increased airflow via fans.

If you have a question or want to fact-check something you have heard, please reach out to upcc.masterplan@gmail.com.

We will use these questions and comments to develop topics for our regular communications. You will not be identified in any way, so feel free to reach out!

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