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from March 12, 2021

General Manager’s

April 1, 2021, 10 AM
Town Hall
The Lakeside Room
April 9, 2021, 1 PM
Board Meeting
The Varsity Club

Vivian Carvalho
District Manager

Venessa Ripoll
Assistant District Manager

John Fetsick
District Accounting

Jim Case
Sally Dickson
Bill DiPaolo
Steve Ludmerer
Karen Pagano



A comprehensive summary of the Strategic and Master Planning process was recently shared in a communication from University Park Recreation District Board Chair, Jim Case. This letter provides important background information as we approach the final stages of master planning process. Click here to view the letter.


The Fawley Bryant Architecture team recently presented a preliminary look at the 3-D modeling which will be shown at the Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, April 1st in the Lakeside Room. Public Comment will be heard after the presentation and Supervisor discussion. Click here for the Zoom meeting credentials.

Comments and discussion from the April 1st Town Hall meeting will be considered and included in the Master Plan as directed by the Board in the advance of the Final Master Plan presentation at The Board of Supervisors meeting on April 9th. Click here for the Zoom meeting credentials.

At its March 12th Board Meeting, the Supervisors approved the start of the RFP (request for proposal) process to obtain bids for the Phase I projects that will be approved at the April 9th meeting. This initial preparation includes identifying potential design and construction firms and preparing the RFP with legal counsel for public announcement. Both meetings will be held in person and virtually. Space will be limited due to social distancing. Members and residents are encouraged to attend via Zoom if possible. Zoom’s CHAT function will be disabled, and public comments will be taken via Zoom’s “raised hand” function.


Upcoming meetings and workshops for March and April are:

– April 1, 2021 Board Town Hall 10:00 AM – The Lakeside Room

– April 9, 2021 Board of Supervisors’ Meeting 1:00 PM – Club Room

Links to attend the meetings and workshops via Zoom will be made available on the RD website at www.universityparkrd.com.


  • Supervisor Case reported that UPCAI is working with the FP&L about a dog park in the easement located near the power lines. He further explained that this is a potential UPCAI project that he has been made aware of based on the Mutual Cooperation Agreement, but it is not an RD project.
  • Supervisor Ludmerer reported he had various discussions with PFM for District Management Services and the fee structure for FY 2022. He updated the Board that PFM fees will not increase for FY 2022 based on the existing number of meetings and workshops the District has. Also, PFM will no longer charge travel expenses to UPRD starting FY 2022.
  • Supervisor DiPaolo stated that he had the first finance volunteer group meeting to review the RD’s finances. He reported about the various accounts for the RD and is working with John Fetsick about the multiple banks in which the District Funds are located. He discussed the potential of changing banks based on certain relations with certain banks. Also, during the year prior to the renewal for the insurance of the RD, he will be reviewing the potential of changing companies. Lastly, he has been in communication with District Counsel regarding the Charter Amendments related to Election Procedures, Sunshine Laws and Financing Opportunities.
  • Supervisor Pagano updated the Board on the status of the joint RD/UPCAI/Club Website landing page, stating a vendor was selected for the design and photography. The goal is to create an aesthetic pleasing “landing page” for the various websites which will be user-friendly. She also has noted a search feature has been added to the RD website that improves functionality and value for users looking for a particular document.
  • Laurie Evans and John Fetsick provided a presentation for the Membership Categories and recommendations for changes. The District has proceeded with the advertisement of the Rule Making process, and the Public Hearing for Rule Making and Development will be on April 9, 2021, to coincide with the Board Meeting.
  • The Board approved for Club Management to proceed with RFPs on various areas identified in Phase 1 of the Master Planning Project to secure contractors.
  • The Board approved the contractor Leibold Irrigation, Inc for the golf course maintenance project for Holes #10-18 to commence during the Summer months.


Click below for the most recent General Manager’s report.

Management Report

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