University Park Recreation District
Board of Supervisors’ Workshop Highlights
June 25, 2019




The Board held its workshop from 10:00 AM to 11:15 AM in the Card Room at University Park Country Club.  The full minutes from the workshop will be posted to the URPD website soon.  Below are the highlights from the meeting.

  1. New Communications Policy 

To expand and to accelerate UPRD’s communications the Board has instructed staff to: (a) provide meeting highlights on the same day the meeting occurs; (b) route the draft highlights through Board Member Bertsch for review before distribution; (c) publish the weekly newsletter on Friday in draft form after Ms. Bertsch’s review; (d) draft responses to issues raised by the UP Concerned Citizens or others as needed for review by Ms. Bertsch and then publish on the website.

In addition, staff will review the website and update the mail chimp opt in process.  Finally, the Board agreed that UPRD newsletters and other information may be distributed directly by them to other interested parties including neighborhood chairs to facilitate URPD’s communications.

  1. Bond Anticipation Note (“BAN”) 

The Board discussed the BAN and its supporting assessments.  Staff was directed to describe the assessments and the BAN in clearer detail to the community and to rebut the false narrative of the UP Concerned Citizens.  Responses to the RFP for the BAN are due Friday June 28, 2019.  They will be discussed at the workshop on July 9, 2019.  Mr. Smith is continuing negotiations with the sellers and will have an updated report on July 9, 2019.  With these foundational elements the Board plans to discuss the propriety of a BAN transaction at the July 9th workshop in preparation for the Board meeting on July 12th.

  1. Plan for July 12, 2019 Meeting

The agenda package for the July 12th meeting will be distributed on July 3rd.  Staff will provide a detailed analysis of the BAN transaction along with the full agenda package.  At the July 12th meeting the Board will decide if it wishes to pursue a BAN transaction.  If so, then staff will begin preparing the closing documents and prepare for the BAN equalization hearing on July 23, 2019.  The closing on the BAN transaction would occur shortly after the equalization hearing.