Recreation District
Meeting Highlights
from February 12, 2021

General Manager’s

February 19, 2021, 10 AM
March 2, 2021, 10 AM
March 12, 1 PM
Board Meeting

Vivian Carvalho
District Manager

Venessa Ripoll
Assistant District Manager

John Fetsick
District Accounting

Jim Case
Sally Dickson
Bill DiPaolo
Steve Ludmerer
Karen Pagano


  • Former RD Board Members Beth Bertsch, Nancy Kopnisky, Jim Long, Michael Smith, and Bob Wood were presented with an award acknowledging their contributions and commitment to the University Park Recreation District, staff, and residents.

Left to right: Jim Long, Beth Bertsch, Bob Wood, Michael Smith
(missing from photo Nancy Kopnisky)

  • The Board ratified the Registration and Use of Trademarks Agreement between the Recreation District and UPCAI, adding that future expenses for the use of trademarks must be agreed upon by both parties before proceeding.
  • The Board approved the golf course maintenance improvement project for Holes #10 – #18 in concept. An RFP process will be used to secure various contractors.
  • The project to remove the rain shelter located between Holes #4 and #5 was approved and will begin as time and resources allow.
  • Board Members discussed and volunteered to assume responsibilities for certain Board matters with one Board Supervisor serving as the lead for each area. This includes:
    ♦ Jim Case – UPCAI coordination with the Recreation District
    ♦ Sally Dickson – Marketing and Advisory Agreement
    ♦ Bill DiPaolo – Finance and Charter Amendments
    ♦ Steve Ludmerer – Strategic Planning and District Management Structure
    ♦ Karen Pagano – Communications and Membership Structure
  • Supervisor Dickson updated the Board on the Marketing Volunteer Group’s efforts to develop a comprehensive marketing initiative to drive market presence for UPCC and the Recreation District.
  • Deborah Van Brunt, RD Election Chair, presented to the Board proposed changes to the Election process based on the results and cost associated with the December 2020 Election. The Board approved the conceptual process of electronic voting for residents and owners with an email registration list and a defined limited window for voting in person. This conceptual process of electronic voting will be addressed in the Charter Amendments and in place prior to the 2022 Election.
  • Laurie Evans and Supervisor Pagano provided an overview and status update of the website development project, including a landing page for all users to utilize with hyperlinks to the Recreation District website, UPCAI website, and the Country Club website.
  • Laurie Evans and John Fetsick made a Summer Membership presentation to the Board including proposed price changes and access. It was agreed to proceed with the advertisement of the Rule Making process to finalize the changes and including price of memberships and other associated fees and dues by April’s Board Meeting.
  • Supervisor DiPaolo’s request for a finance volunteer group to be established on a temporary basis to review the Capital Expense and Finances of the Recreation District was approved. It will be in effect until May 2021
  • • Upcoming meetings and workshops for February and March are:
    – February 19, 2021 Special Workshop 10:00 am – Club Room
    – March 2, 2021 Board Workshop 10:00 am – Club Room
    – March 2, 2021 Board of Supervisors’ Meeting 1:00 PM – Club Room
    Links to attend the meetings and workshops via Zoom will be made available on the RD website at www.universityparkrd.com.

Strategic Planning

The Fawley Bryant Architecture team presented their 30-Day findings at the RD Workshop on February 1st. The presentation is posted on the RD website. Next steps include a meeting with the Strategic Planning Group at the Fawley Bryant offices followed by a special RD Workshop for RD Supervisors to provide input. Both meeting will take place in February in advance of the March 2nd Workshop at which Fawley Bryant will present their first set of ideas/plans for comment and input.

The Strategic/Master Planning Group is now meeting in topic specific small groups to begin implementing the Action Plans developed during the Strategic Planning process last year. The first group to undertake this process is the Membership team which is focused on current and future membership classes, access, and price structure. An initial, foundational report was presented to the Supervisors at the February 2nd workshop. That report is posted on the RD website.


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