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from April 20, 2021

General Manager’s

May 4, 2021, 10 AM
The Varsity Club

May 14, 2021, 1 PM
Board Meeting
The Varsity Club

Vivian Carvalho
District Manager

Venessa Ripoll
Assistant District Manager

John Fetsick
District Accounting

Jim Case
Sally Dickson
Bill DiPaolo
Steve Ludmerer
Karen Pagano


On Tuesday, April 20th the UPRD Board met to continue the Public Hearing on Dues and Fees that began on April 9th. Approximately 30 people attended the meeting in person and as many as 136 joined via Zoom.

General Manager, Laurie Evans and Finance Director John Fetsick presented the proposed membership plan for 2022 as well as an overview of the Club’s financial position and the impact of the proposed new membership plan. The dues and fees proposal also included projections for capital funds generated by the Club operation.

Management and Board members discussed and emphasized the need to develop sustainable capital reserves to provide for both routine and unexpected replacements and repairs. UPCC operates with an operating surplus but it is not sufficient under the current dues structure to build a robust capital reserve fund. University Park Country Club which is an enterprise of the University Park Recreation District is a start-up organization, which does not have the resources of its well-established former owner who could draw on other sources to cover capital expenditures. The Board believes it has a fiduciary responsibility to build its capital reserves for future capital repairs and replacements and unexpected emergencies.

There was also discussion related to the potential to raise additional capital by issuing another bond. Many members had suggested floating another bond now because interest rates are so low. It was recalled that statements were made during the turnover that members would not be asked to approve another bond issue to cover capital projects within the next 5 years. Additionally, sound financial management practice doesn’t support using long-term debt to service short-term expenses.

Following an extensive discussion by Supervisors and public participants, the Board voted unanimously to adopt the 2022 Membership Dues and Fees as presented by Management.

Click here for the Membership Plan Presentation

The Board voted unanimously to accept Ms. Evans’ recommendation to end the COVID surcharge, effective June 1st. The surcharge helped mitigate losses in the food and beverage department due to the impact of COVID-19, primarily the loss of Banquet revenue. A strong take-out food program at the height of the pandemic, a gradual return to normal operations led by fully vaccinated members as well as strong financial results in all departments, led to the recommendation to suspend the surcharge. Supervisors recognized and thanked Management for their prompt, creative, caring response to maintaining the delicate balance of keeping members and staff safe while still operating the Club. Attendees heartily applauded this recognition of a job well done.

The Board opened public discussion on an item from its last meeting when it adopted a Master Plan Concept. The location of the proposed pickleball courts remains an item of intense interest. In a divided vote, the Board adopted the Master Plan Concept at its previous meeting with a resolution that excluded the development of Parcel L as a location for pickleball. The majority of the Board referenced the desire expressed overwhelmingly by survey respondents in early 2020, to maintain the natural beauty of University Park’s mature landscape as the principal reason to preserve Parcel L.

Members in attendance presented the board with documents including emails and petitions, the common theme, requested the Board to conduct further review of all potential sites for pickleball at University Park. Some supported Parcel L for development of pickleball but others focused on protecting the croquet pitch. The Board Chair stated that the Board action at the April 9th Board meeting did not commit to pickleball adjacent to the croquet pitch and that other sites are being considered.

The Board asked Management to review potential sites according to the following criteria:
• Preservation of natural environment
• Cost
• Noise issues
• Implementation time
• Proximity to racquet facilities and management
• Safety
• Maintenance

In other business, District Counsel reported that there is 1 pending outstanding assessment remaining for collection. District staff is proceeding with foreclosure accordingly.

District Management reported that the RFP process for Phase I projects in the Master Plan which have been approved by the Board has begun. An RFP for food and beverage operation projects including the addition of a climatized outdoor dining area and revitalization of the Park Grille and Café and Lakeside Room will be advertised on April 23rd with proposals due by May 28th.

District Management reported that the Budget Process for FY 2022 will commence during the May meeting in which the Board will be considering a Proposed Budget for the General Fund and Enterprise Fund FY 2022. The Board will also schedule the Public Hearing to Finalize and Adopt the respective Budgets.

At the conclusion of the meeting Laurie Evans was recognized for a brief statement and announced that she plans to retire by the end of this year and that efforts have begun to identify a replacement.

Laurie’s announcement was received with universal sadness by the Supervisors and all in the room. Laurie’s impact on our community is huge and extends back more than twenty years. Her shoes will be impossible to fill: they range from dress heels, to flats, to sneakers, to golf shoes and likely to Wellies. All of us in University Park owe her greatly.


• May 4, 2021 – Workshop Meeting at 10:00AM at the Varsity Club
• May 14, 2021 – Board of Supervisors Meeting at 1:00PM at the Varsity Club

Links to attend the meetings and workshops via Zoom will be made available on the RD website at www.universityparkrd.com


Click below for the most recent General Manager’s report.

Management Report

Links to attend the meetings and workshops via Zoom will be made available on the RD website at www.universityparkrd.com.

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