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Welcome to the first RD Newsletter!

The RD Board of Supervisors has agreed that we need to communicate to the UPCC residents, our neighbors, and provide a summary of activities. This is not intended to replace or provide the details that you will find in the minutes of all RD meetings and workshops. In order to communicate with you, you must “opt in” to receiving information. We shall provide the information on the RD website/Newsletter but you must choose to view it. We have had meetings with the developers of the UPRD website to improve the site with the goal of making the navigation and access easier and providing up-to-date information. There are government regulations that we must adhere to specifically adhering with the Americans With Disabilities regulations. The RD needs to approve funding for these upgrades/changes and it will be on the agenda at the next regular RD meeting.

Let’s set some ground rules: As many of you already know we must comply with the State of Florida’s very strict “Sunshine Laws”. These laws prevent any RD Board member from communicating directly with another Board member on RD matters outside of the RD meetings/workshops. Outside of these scheduled meetings, we can only communicate individually with our Legal Council and Board General Manager (on RD issues); however, they may not relay to us any information from another Board member. As you might expect this is not the most efficient way to “do business”, but we are complying. Additionally, if any one in the community speaks with us on RD matters, they are under the same obligation not to relay anything from one Board member to another Board member.

The Good News is that the RD has secured short term financing from Ameris Bank for $350,000 at a fixed rate of 4.5% for 13 months and we expect this to be finalized sometime during the week of April 8th (note: the rate will be finalized at this time). This money will be used to cover Operating and Maintence expenses until the transaction is completed and we have secured long term financing.

The RD successfully completed “Purchase and Sale” negotiations with the “sellers” and we have agreed to close no later than June 15th meanwhile we are still completing due diligence. If we are unable to meet that date the RD will incur a penalty of almost $47,000 for each monthly delay.

The lawsuit that was filed against the RD is still pending. Some of you have seen information from the litigant stating his position; the RD actively responded to the expressed concerns at the March RD meetings and workshop. Our RD council submitted a settlement proposal which the RD believes addresses all of the concerns raised in the lawsuit and a response is due by April 8th. We do not plan to discuss or respond to anything related to the lawsuit at this time and the RD does not think that it is appropriate to “try” this case in the media or via email. However, please understand that the country club financials have been reviewed by two experience accountants who have indicated that once the District acquires the country club, the country club is expected to operate profitably. You can attend our April RD meetings/workshops and participate in the open time for public comments/questions.

The RD meetings and workshops have been published, but as a reminder, there is a Special Meeting on April 9th 8AM, and the regular April RD meeting is on April 12th 1PM-3PM. We look forward to your continued support and active participation.

Thank You!